SAP’s Karsten Hauschild on Digitization and SAP Leonardo

I recently had a chance to sit down with Karsten Hauschild, a Solution Manager at SAP whose focus is Enterprise Asset Management, IoT, Mobility, and GIS.  We discussed how IoT is changing business models, SAP’s perspective on Digitization and Digital transformation, and SAP Leonado, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and predictive analytics.  According to Hauschild, companiesare on a Digital Transformation journey, but must also focus on running a live business.  They need to connect intelligent devices with people as well as business processes, and do so in a way that yields tangible, sustainable business results and a profit for shareholders.

Digitization “goes way beyond a sensor and collecting lots of data from it,”  Hauschild said.  With SAP Leonardo Connected Assets and predictive analytics, industrial companies can connect to pumps, transmission lines, or other devices, and use the data to schedule maintenance activities in advance of predicted failures.  in addition to predicting the need for the maintenance, detailed planning and scheduling activities can be organized.  Work orders can be generated, needed parts and supplies can be ordered and marshaled, specialist technicians can be hired, and so on.  With this approach, SAP Leonardo can take operations performance to the next level.

The complete interview (approx 10 minutes) is available below.