Iot in Oil and Gas Coming to Houston on September 13th and 14th

For anyone following the website they will know that we have been beating a loud and somewhat consistent drum about the real business value that we believe IIoT-enabled solutions can provide companies operating in the oil & gas industry – upstream, midstream and downstream. We also make every effort to make operators and end users aware of events and conferences at which we think they may learn more about IIoT and how it may have a bottom-line positive impact on their operations.

ARC will be attending the 3rd annual IoT in Oil and Gas event being held on September 13th and 14th in Houston. Not only will there likely be lots of great presentations imparting all kinds of interesting and useful information, knowledge and experience on how IIoT can help oil & gas companies realize operational excellence, but there will also be some really interesting and innovative companies such as Microsoft, PTC, HPE, Deloitte, EY, Wipro, Senslytics, Halliburton, Baker Hughes (A GE Company), BSQUARE, RTI, IoTium, Accenture, Network Box, Falkonry, Primitive Logic, and Quorum Business Solutions (and others) present that can provide some real-world IIoT enabled solutions today. Imagine that, an end user or owner-operator can begin to realize operational excellence today, and in the real world!!

Some of the interesting presentations (some held during concurrent sessions) will cover a range of exciting topics including:

  • Leading businesses through Digital Transformation (Day one)
  • IoT – OT is driving the re-emergence of IT inside the enterprise
  • Panel discussion: What is IoT in the context of Oil and Gas?
  • Case Study: Overcoming the challenges to deploy a robust IoT Strategy
  • IoT Enables The New Oil
  • The Nudge: IoT for oil and gas, planetary data and human performance
  • IoT in Oil & Gas: From Concept to Reality
  • Advanced Production and Operation Analytics result in better decisions
  • From the C-suite to the shop floor
  • What It Really Takes to Deliver Success with IoT
  • Progress in implementing IoT in upstream- What are the gaps?
  • Panel discussion: Adopting global protocols
  • Understanding your organization’s cyber capability
  • Developing and sustaining an effective and robust cyber security strategy
  • Panel discussion: Exploring current and emerging cyber threats
  • Integrating legacy systems (Day two)
  • Presentation by Microsoft
  • How to enable integrated operations with the Industrial Internet Consortium Connectivity Framework
  • Panel discussion: Investors Panel – investing and innovating with new technologies and companies
  • Presentations from Innovation Partners: Senslytics, Arundo Analytics, Falkonry, IoTium
  • Presentation by PTC
  • IIC industry collaborative work on Industrial IoT for the oil and gas companies, and engaging and facilitating end user stakeholders in the process with IIC
  • Optimizing Refinery Operations through Integrated Management of IoT and Refinery IT
  • Systems unification: Bridging information silos into a cognitive infrastructure
  • Panel discussion: Strategies to build a stronger data governance culture – HPE panel
  • On Becoming Digital Industrial: lessons learned in implementing an analytics & digital strategy
  • Bridging the Gap between IT and OT
  • Panel discussion: Types of networks and communications

This event (there is also Wearable in Oil and Gas and Blockchain in Oil and Gas events being held on the 12th and 14th, respectively) seems to be a great opportunity(s) for operators and end users (and suppliers) to listen, learn and network on about how IIoT-enabled solutions can enable real business value and empower employees to not only survive but thrive in these challenging times. We hope to see you at the show. If you want to schedule a meeting during the conference drop me an email at