The transformation of the industrial sector has begun. Whether it’s called Industrial Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, or Digitization, companies have begun to realize that smart, connected ‘things’ and readily available technologies offer the potential to completely reimagine their production operations, aftermarket services, and their competitive position. As industrial companies gain experience with the new connectivity, analysis, and execution solutions, many will rapidly begin to transform many of their business processes. For companies with the right mindset, Internet of Things platforms will open up big opportunities for improved asset performance, new service offerings, improved operational efficiency, and completely new ways of offering value to customers. It is an extremely dynamic and fast-moving space, with lots of conflicting messages and multiple technologies in the mix. There is plenty of information out there; the challenge is filtering through all the noise to zero in on what is truly important and why.

And that is the mission statement of Industrial Internet of Things and Industrie 4.0 Viewpoints (IIoT/I4 Viewpoints): to provide industrial companies with clear and concise analyses and discussion of IIoT/I4 trends, technologies, and services.   This dynamic, emerging space grows from ongoing developments in topics such as Security, Digital Systems, Sensors, Data, Ubiquitous, IT/OT, Cyber-Physical Systems, Networks, Smart Manufacturing, Intelligent Devices, Remote Monitoring, Software-Defined, Asset Performance, Analytics, Connected, Web of Systems, M2M, and IIoT.

IIoT/I4 Viewpoints is published by ARC Advisory Group. ARC analysts bring years of industrial research and direct industry experience to their writing and analysis, working closely with leading industrial and technology companies. Their insightful postings address clearly and concisely the basic questions professionals in Oil and Gas, Mining, Chemicals, Automotive, Industrial Machinery, A&D, Utilities, and other industrial segments are asking: What IIoT/I4 use cases are companies tackling? What are the most important trends and news in the industry today? Why are these developments important? What actions should I take in response?