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Report Provides Data on State of IIoT Adoption and Maturity

There has been substantial buzz around industrial adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) in 2017. But what’s actually going on behind the scenes at IoT-enabled industrial sites has remained much of a mystery. A recent survey conducted by Bsquare revealed how companies are progressing with IIoT. Respondent data indicated that 86% of industrial organizations are […]

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Unraveling Mystery of Machine Learning in IoT

There is a lot of buzz around predictive analytics for industrial machinery, particularly in manufacturing and for heavy-duty vehicles in trucking, construction, and farming. Machine learning is often cited as the secret sauce of predictive analytics, but few people really understand what it is and how it works. The idea behind predictive analytics is that […]

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Completing the promise of smart grids

In the energy sector, there has long been talk of smart grids. The underlying concept is to modernize the physical infrastructure that electric utilities rely on for their delivery systems. This is typically accomplished through the use of computerized remote control and automation systems. Since this involves bringing legacy equipment into the digital world, it […]

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