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Cisco’s Digital Ceiling: PoE Backbone for Smart Buildings

The desire to achieve LEED or other sustainability ratings is pushing new market demands and regulations in communities around the world. Owners/operators have begun to make energy efficiency and intelligent operating systems an important factor in their real estate decisions. The market drivers for intelligent building controls are widely known and are driving investment in […]

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Smart Lighting Innovators Market Map

Lighting control networks as conduits for IoT data flow in buildings and cities. Just a few years ago this would have sounded ridiculous, but the impact of IoT is transformational and has created an environment where we must approach things in new ways and operate without legacy burdens when evaluating solutions. Lighting control systems have […]

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Smart Lighting Ecosystems: Novel Approaches to Cybersecurity needed for IIoT

Control systems with a multitude of microprocessors and networking components are at the heart of every smart lighting network.  A cyber compromise of any one of these control system elements could have serious consequences, including operational disruptions and safety incidents.  As lighting control becomes ubiquitous, the cyber threats go well beyond controlling lights themselves such […]

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